Those things I can do

Those things I can do ...
all those powers ...
and I couldn't even save you

This piece came out of "Art Hack Day: God Mode" at 319 Scholes in Brooklyn. This was a three day hack fest with a one evening exhibition. There were some amazing projects that came out of this, and I got to meet some very cool artists and programmers.

"Those things I can do ... all those powers ... and I couldn't even save you" comes from the moment superman saves Lois by reversing the rotation of the Earth, making time go backwards. As a child the abuse of physics drove me nuts but as an adult I love the ballsiness to try and pull this off. It's definitely my favorite "God Mode" moment in fiction.

The sculpture is activated by stepping on a floor mat. The world begins to spin slowly (backwards of course). As it picks up speed Superman emerges from behind the planet flying fast with a determined expression on his face. A midi version of the Superman theme plays on the clock radio, which is displaying the time as it goes backwards. When the viewer steps off the mat, the earth stops spinning, time starts moving forward again, and Superman returns to where he came from.